TOSTEM doors at Vivacite GK2 are sturdy, yet slim, ideal fit for home and office spaces.


1. Grantz

Grantz sets new standards of aluminium windows and doors to another level by allowing larger surface area of glass with minimal sightline and hidden sash. In casement, the sash folds behind frame and in Sliding 2 sash collapses to width of a single sash.


2. Atis

ATIS is an aesthetically pleasing design around the theme of ‘built within’ providing seamless design with smooth lines, slim mullions and effortless operation.


The Atis Invisible Mesh

The mesh available with Atis is an ‘extra clear mesh’ made with very fine but strong threads that provide 20% more airflow


Atis Slit Window

Tostem reimagines the conventional ventilator window – Enjoy the cool breeze outside without stretching to open it.
Experience the Atis Slit Window at Vivacite @GK2 for an effortless operation.

We Plus

3. We Plus

WE PLUS provides an ideal windows and doors solution with a variety of designs with a maximum height of 10 feet. It has passed rigorous tests based on ASTM, and TOSTEM in-house’s toughest standards.
• Easily adjustable lock on the outer panels
• Limit arm (restrictor) option for casement windows
• Sliding doors are reinforced with hirrican ebars to withstand high wind loads

grant air flow system

4. Tostem Airflow System

Japanese Engineers have struck that rare balance – that allows enough ventilation without opening the window.

o Separate air flow slots fitted with We 70 and We Plus windows operates like a flap. It boosts living space ventilation by allowing fresh air when open and reduce room’s temperature in daytime and when closed.

o Airflow Door – Tostem airflow door matches combines the best of window and door. Two vertical sliding panels inside the door help you create just the right level of ventilation.

o Giesta Entrance Door – The steel door with wooden pattern has separate openings for ventilation to add the flexibility to your entrance doors


5. L Fit Handles

Tostem engineers have taken special care in making standardized designs for handles that ensures windows and doors create a sense of uniformity and comfort in licing spaces.


6. Monsoon Safe

a. Tostem windows give the steepest slope in the tracks to withstand heavy rains. Explore the Cross sections at Vivacite @ GK2 to feel for yourself.

b. Tostem gives a Non-Returnable Valve. Which opens automatically every time water gets collected in the tracks. Normal windows have drainage holes with caps. Often caps are misplaced leading to dust and insects coming inside through drainage holes.

c. No Seepage in Walls – You will not see a single fasteners on the bottom frame of Tostem windows. Tostem windows use a leveling plate that’s installed on the window sill. The window snap fits on this leveling plate.
There is no need for any screws in bottom frame, which reduces chances of water entry.
Experience the Proprietary Tostem Snap fit system at Vivacite @GK2


7. Superior Sound Insulation for Peaceful Homes

Tostem windows use nano gaskets of EPDM at the corners.. No gaps remain at the intersection of corners.
No Brush piles – only EPDM gaskets. Conventional windows use Brush piles between sash and frames. Tostem windows have long lasting EPDM gaskets.
Crescent locking in the middle operates in a way that it moves both sash outwards which further improves window sealing.

Quality Assurance


Peace of Mind. Tostem Has Your Back.

Japan is known for its rigorous quality control standards. Tostem is no different. Rigorous adherence to Quality assurance and quality control ensures. Tostem windows meet international quality standards Japanese International Standards (JIS) and ASTM

✔️  Sound Insulation Testing

✔️  Water Penetration Testing

✔️  Air Leakage Testing

✔️  Structural Performance Testing

✔️  Environmental Testing

✔️  Durability Testing

✔️  Light Irradiation Testing

✔️  Sunshine Weather Testing


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