TOSTEM doors at Vivacite GK2 are sturdy, yet slim, ideal fit for home and office spaces. A Diverse selection of aluminium bi-fold doors, sliding doors, to folding doors, to casement doors and french doors – the collection at Vivacite GK2 will fulfil all your door needs.
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Entrance Doors

Giesta is an ultra-modern Entrance Doors. Equipped with 70 + designs, Tostem entrance doors offer high performance, durability, elegance, and unmatched aesthetic appeal, your go to option for residential entry doors
Choose from High quality wood-pattern or metallic finish-doors equipped with user-friendly handle with high security lock system.

Vivacite at GK2 has displayed the Giesta range in Teak and Turine Pine. Come play with the Tostem’s entrance door tool @ Vivacite @GK2 to visualise the best fit for your home.

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Ventilation Doors

Get two windows inside the door!
• Features partially and fully openable ventilation windows on the door frame
• uninterrupted air circulation to cool down your rooms, reduce humidity, and remove unpleasant odors.
• Airflow Slot for Ventilation with Flap available in conventional Windows
• Removable insect screen option

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Corner Sliders

Make best use of Living Rooms overlooking a balcony with seamless corner open able doors in Grantz Series
• Experience Tostem Seamless corner sliders (GRantz) at Vivacite @GK2 overlooking the Zen Garden

Internal doors

Slide and Fold Doors

Smart design profiles and high quality accessories provide an elegant experience to bring the balcony into the living room.
• Option of Flat sill for barrier free passages
• Anti pinch features ensure fingers never get hurt even if they come in between the panels
• Hinge less design makes it a delight to operate


French Doors

TOSTEM has exquisite collection of design-perfect and eye-catching Aluminium French Doors, tested for optimal performance and durability.

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Sliding Doors

Available in two, three, four, and six-panel designs, our sliding windows can be easily fitted in small and large door spaces.

Enabled with child locks to prevent accidental openings
Single Glass gives sound insulation similar to Double glass in UPVC

casement doors

Casement doors

Experience Tostem aluminium doors in in out-swing and in-swing designs at Vivacite @GK2
Take your casement door all the way to 3000 mm (10 feet)without a member.


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